Week of February 4th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: Psalm 23  

This Sunday:  The Lord is My Shepherd          

Primary Text: Psalm 23, Isaiah 40:11, 46:3-4

  • As a group, share the main points of the Sunday message.
  • How has God been good to you? Was there an experience or situation where you truly believed He was “my” shepherd to you?
  • Take a few minutes to quiet reflection. Lead the group to slow down, step out of the pressures and stresses of the world and quiet their souls. Read aloud Psalm 23 two times. Follow with five minutes of silence encouraging the members to meditate on a word or phrase. Ask the group to describe the experience. Let the Spirit lead you as you facilitate. 
  • Read Isaiah 46:4. God made you. You are of great value to Him. If the group has been together for some time, go around person to person, and have the other group members share godly qualities they see in him/her. Or have the group share 1-2 ways God has made him/herself that reflect Him.
  • Sheep have keen sense of vision and hearing. They learn the voice of their shepherd. Consider a Christ-follower who listens well to Jesus. How did they become such good listeners? How do you think that impacts their daily life, their relationships, their outlook?  
  • Is Jesus speaking about a direction He may want you to go or take a step towards some school, job, ministry opportunity, etc. Share with the group even if there is uncertainty about it.