Week of March 11th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: Psalm 23 

This Sunday: The Table  

Primary Text: Psalm 23:5

  • Read Psalm 23:5. What do you know of David and the enemies he faced?
  • What are the enemies our teens and twenties face today?
  • Consider other age groups. What are some enemies facing those in their 30-40s? How about the pre-retirees and those in retirement?
  • What are the enemies in your life that keep you from resting in the Shepherd’s care?
  • List the attributes of God that Doug shared on Sunday. (The list: shepherd, provider, healer, leader, protector, providence – His unseen hand)  
  • What attributes of God would help you as you face your current enemies?
  • Who is someone in your life you can talk through your current struggles and you can support in their struggles?
  • What spiritual practices in your life bring you to “The Table”?