Week of March 18th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: Psalm 23   

This Sunday: He Pursues Me  

Primary Text: Psalm 23 

  • Take time to remember the past messages in this series: My Shepherd, He Leads Me, He Guides Me Through, The Table, He Restores Me and so on. What is one way God has stirred your heart and caused you to action over the last 7 weeks? Have as many people share as willing. Take only one (or two) minutes per person and use a timer. Give a few minutes for people be consider their answer. This method can help people to summarize their thoughts and give the most impactful share to the group and avoid it turning into a 5-7 minute story that can cause the time to slip away.  

  • Read the Psalm 23 in its entirety. Consider a different method, a time of silence before, or extended group prayer to bring attention and openness to hearing God speak during the reading of this familiar Psalm.  

  • Consider a stressful period in your past. Did you think it was ever going to end? How did it affect your perspective during the situation?  

  • Recall the reference to leaving a trail of goodness? If we have received God's love and forgiveness, we display love and forgiveness. Where have you seen any of these examples in the lives of your family or others around you? A pleasant surprise, kindness, honor, generosity, compassion, diligence, humility. Go around and share some examples. 

  • Encourage the group to attend the Passion Experience on Friday from 4-8pm. Maybe even go through as a group and discuss shortly afterwards how God stirred you. Child care is provided for children (birth – Kindergarten) from 5-7pm. Families with children over Kindergarten are encouraged to go through with their children. Printed guides are available for children.