Week of March 25th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: It Is Finished   

This Sunday: Part 1

Primary Text: Psalm 23

  • Discuss the message from Sunday. What is one point that you took from the message.
  • Read Isaiah 53. As you read, think about Jesus reading these verses. What might have been some responses that Jesus may have had?
  • As we approach Good Friday and Easter Sunday, respond to Isaiah 53:5, 7, 9, 10.
  • Discuss the story of Amy’s father needing surgery. What lesson did Amy and her father learn from it?
  • What delay are you in right now? Is God teaching you something through it?
  • Is anyone going to the Passion Experience? Pray for this event and for Easter Sunday. Pray for believers experiencing Easter once again. Pray for those who are distance from God.