Week of April 1st - Small Group Questions

Current Series: It Is Finished   

This Sunday: Part 2

Primary Text: John 19:30

  • Discuss the message from Sunday. What is one point that you took from the message.
  • Define atonement. Describe it as if you were explaining it to a 12 year old taking out the complicated words.
  • What do we need to believe about ourselves for atonement affect us in a significant way?
  • Why do you need atonement in your own life?
  • Atonement doesn’t mean much when we minimize sin. How have you minimized your own sin in the past?
  • What does atonement mean for you today? How do you treat your family, co-workers, friends differently because of this belief?  
  • Take some time to celebrate the message of Easter. Consider communion, singing a hymn, listening to a song, spending time in prayer focusing on praising Him.