Summer Guide - Developing Small Group Questions

Since many groups break from regular meetings during the summer, we will not be providing weekly small group discussion questions. However, if your group does want to meet, review the message and discuss, here are a few tips in making your own questions.

1. Generate 1-2 intro questions. The kinds of questions that get people talking, sharing personal experiences. These questions help the group to relate and understand one another.

2. Take time to read the scripture used in the message or find related scriptures.

3. Review the message outline. Consider the 2-3 main points of the message. Come up with two types of questions. The first type offers discussion on the meaning, the truth, or insight gained from a point or scripture. The second are application questions. What are we going to do about it? Sometimes people don’t want to get specific. However model by sharing personal application yourself. As a small group, it is the goal to grow in our faith and surrender to Christ, which is often practiced in loving and serving others. 

4. See posts from previous weeks. Scroll down to see the format of the questions.

5. Start the process by inviting God into it. Coming up with questions can be a spiritual exercise in of itself. You may find you grow more in preparing questions. That would be awesome!