Week of September 9th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: Perfect Peace in a Perfect Storm  

This Sunday: Get Under God’s Hand

Primary Text: Isaiah 26:3, I Peter 5:5-11

  • In the past year, what have been your 1-2 biggest stresses/challenges?
  • Read I Peter 5:5-11. What attitude or virtue is Peter calling for us to put on when we experience anxiety?
  • Why is humility important when you are facing anxiety?
  • Is there a current challenge or stress in your life?
  • What are 1-2 practical ways you can humble yourself in the midst of this life challenge?
  • Sometimes, God parts the seas. Sometimes He offers an umbrella in the midst of the storm. And there are times, He builds character when the storm doesn’t seem to be letting up. For those facing a current life struggle, where are you seeing God’s might hand?
  • Does anyone need some support? How can the group support those going through a difficult time?  
  • Do you have a family member, friend or co-worker who has clinical anxiety or depression? These are real issues that may not be solved solely by prayer and scripture. How can you gain further understanding and be of greater support to someone who deals with one of these issues?