Week of September 16th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: Perfect Peace in a Perfect Storm  

This Sunday: Get Out of the Cave  

Primary Text: I Kings 19:1-9

  • (Excerpt from Devotional – Day 1) Read 1 Kings 19:1-3 Elijah was afraid, and he ran. We might look at the story and think he had every reason to run since someone wanted to kill him. Fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It alerts us of danger and can motivate us to respond appropriately. Elijah was warned and he responded by fleeing to safety; so far, so good. But what happens next? Read the verses again, but this time, continue through verse 4. That escalated quickly! Instead of allowing fear to do the work of warning and motivating, Elijah let his fear completely redefine and shape his perspective. He moved from running to protect his life to wanting to give up his life. Notice he even begins believing a false narrative, “I am no better than my ancestors, I can’t go on.”

  • How can you relate? Has there been a situation in your life when worry took over?  

  • Read verses 5-9. It appears that lack of sleep and food contributed to Elijah’s state of mind. Besides these two factors, what circumstances can turn people toward negativity, judgment, worry, control, etc?   

  • What are common triggers for you?

  • After some food and sleep, Elijah could get out of the cave? What needed practices (practical and spiritual) are important for you to maintain faith and perspective? Go around the room and everyone share.

  • What activity or habit would you love to build into your routine and know it would help you?

  • How could you take a step towards it? How could you practice it?