Week of September 23rd - Small Group Questions

Perfect Peace for a Perfect Storm

This Sunday: Worry & Others   

Primary Text: Genesis 21:9-20; I Kings 17:7-16

  • Is there someone in your life who worries about you? If so, what do they worry about?

  • Read Genesis 21:9-20. What surprises you most about this story?

  • What do you learn about God in this story?

  • When was the last time God reminded you that He cares for you and that He has you?

  • What recent or current circumstance threatens the truth of how God sees you?

  • Are there children or other people in your life who you worry about? How did God speak to you that during the message on Sunday?

  • Spend some time praying for others and releasing them into God’s hands. Pray for the individuals who are wrapped up in worry over their loved ones and the lessons He has for them during this time.