Week of January 20th - Small Group Questions

CURRENT SERIES: Journey of Faith  


PRIMARY TEXT: Matthew 8:5-13, 8:23-27, 9:18-26, 14:22-33

  • Does anyone have any thoughts or insights about “faith” from this past week?  

  • Read Matthew 8:5-13, 13:53-58, and 14:22-33. What do you learn about faith from these passages?  

  • Read Matthew 8:23-27. If you were in the boat, how would you have reacted? What do you learn about your faith through your answer?  

  • Staying on the Matthew 8 passage, what mindset would someone have to have in order to express faith in that moment?  

  • In smaller groups of 3-4... 

    • Bring this to your life. What is a current stress, problem or issue for you? You have many legitimate reasons for the emotions you have, but what would it look like to have “boat-like” faith in your situation?  

    • Take some time to pray for each other’s faith.