Week of January 27th - Small Group Questions

CURRENT SERIES: Journey of Faith


PRIMARY TEXT: Matthew 8:5-13, 8:23-27, 9:18-26, 9:27-30, Hebrews 11:40

  • Does anyone have an insight about “faith” from this past week or from the message?

  • Read Hebrews 11:40. Often in our lives, God has something else, something different, something better in mind. Share of a time when you wanted and prayed for something, but God had something different in mind?

  • From those who shared, what did you learn about God or yourself through it? Did the experience grow or weaken your faith?

  • Read Matthew 8:5-13. Discuss the faith of the centurion. What does he understand of Jesus’s power and authority?

  • Why do you think Jesus commends the centurion of such great faith?

  • Some prayers we don’t know how or if God will answer them. For instance the outcome of a specific situation. However, there are other prayers that we can have confidence that He hears and desires to respond. Give some examples of those prayers. (If stuck, consider the next exercise.)

  • Here is an example of such a prayer. God, help me to know and understand you better. Help me to love people like you love people. Show me specific situations where you can love someone through me. Is this a prayer that we can have confidence God will answer? Discuss.

  • In groups of 3-4 or a big group, spend time praying prayers that you can have confidence God desires to answer in your life.