Week of February 3rd - Small Group Questions


SUNDAY’S MESSAGE: Faith Leads to Action  

PRIMARY TEXT: James 2:14-26  

  • Share with the group something you’ve learned about faith during the current message series.  

  • Read James 2:14-17. How does James explain or describe faith in these verses? What is the correlation he is making?  

  • Consider a parent-child relationship for a moment. View it from the perspective of a son or a daughter.  What message does a child hear when a parent’s actions don’t match their words?  

  • Choose another role or life circumstance. What are the implications when words and actions don’t match? Employer – Employee, Coach – Player, Teacher – Student, Friends, Spouses.  

  • Take 5 minutes to quietly pray and reflect. Privately consider any areas in your life where your actions don’t match your words.  

  • If the group is comfortable, gather into groups of 3-4 and discuss the reflection time.

  • Read James 2:18-26. Discuss as a group how Abraham and Rahab’s actions demonstrated faith.  

  • If your group has met for a while and knows each other well, go around the room and share how your group sees faith being demonstrated by each group member.   

  • Go around the group and share one situation in the coming days that will be an opportunity to put action to faith. Encourage and pray for each other.