Week of February 10th - Small Group Questions


SUNDAY’S MESSAGE: There’s Value in the Process 

PRIMARY TEXT: I Kings 18  

  • Share with the group what you’ve learned about faith during the current message series.  

  • Read I Kings 18:41-43. Elijah promises rain to show King Ahab of the power of the one true God, over the other gods popular of the day. Describe the scene in these verses.  

  • Has anyone had a conversation in the last week where you were attempting to show the power, goodness or love of the one, true God? If so, describe how you explained yourself? Do you feel like you were understood?  

  • How many times did Elijah send his servant to check to see if God was bringing rain? Consider the duration of time from the first prayer to the seventh. We don’t know what lesson Elijah learned, but share with the group a frequent prayer you’ve prayed. What have you learned in the process?  

  • Discuss the mindset of the person who focuses on the results vs. the person who focuses on obedience.  

  • Read I Kings 18:44-46. Share your response to these verses.  

  • Take some extended time to share prayer requests. Pray for those requests and for understanding and clarity in the process.  

  • Consider praying for the elders, staff, leadership and church body at LSCC.