Week of February 17th - Small Group Questions


SUNDAY’S MESSAGE: The faith stealer of failure  

PRIMARY TEXT: Genesis 37-50  

  • Share with the group what you’ve learned about faith during the current message series.  

  • Joseph’s brothers are jealous of him and are filled with contempt. Choosing to not deal with their own heart, they seek to rid themselves of Joseph. Read Genesis 37:19-32. What role did Judah play in this scene?  

  • Discuss the guilt that Judah might have endured after this incident, especially when in the sight of his father.  

  • Judah and his brothers kept this secret from their father. Talk about how a secret contributes to the lingering feelings of guilt.  

  • This story can conjure up emotions and memories of mistakes that we’ve made. Take a few moments of silence to privately reflect on past mistakes you’ve made.  

  • Without sharing the mistakes, what emotions rise up in you as you wrote out that list?  

  • Read Ephesians 2:4-10. In light of our lists, discuss what grace means to you?  

  • The title of this message is, “The faith stealer of failure”. How can failure and guilt rob someone of faith?  

  • What does this conversation do to the “faith” that you have in God?  

  • Take a few moments to share of how failure or pain is threatening to steal faith from you or in the lives of loved ones. Discuss ways to support and pray for these people.  

  • Consider sharing in communion together as a group tonight or at a future meeting.