Week of February 24th - Small Group Questions


SUNDAY’S MESSAGE: Crossing Your Own Red Sea 

PRIMARY TEXT: Exodus 14  

  • Share with the group what you’ve learned about faith during the current message series.  

  • Moses is about to lead the people out of Egypt. Read Exodus 14. What instructions does God give to Moses?   

  • How does God reassure the Israelite people of His presence and care while they are fleeing?  

  • What reassurance has God given to you in this season of your life? Consider scripture you’ve read, songs that are meaningful to you, relationships that encourage you, habits that restore you.  

  • Discuss as a group. Is it harder to trust God when you’ve run out of options or when you have 3-4 options?  

  • Are you facing your own Red Sea?  

  • Is there a step of faith, a step into the Red Sea that you are feeling led to take?  

  • Take time to support each other and pray as a group.