Week of March 10th - Small Group Questions


SUNDAY’S MESSAGE: He Strengthens Me  

PRIMARY TEXT: John 10:10, I Samuel 30   

  • What has been the most challenging situation you encountered this week? Share with the group.  

  • Read Luke 6:46-49. Without judgment, share about your current spiritual practices. How did they influence your response to the challenges you encountered this week?   

  • Read I Samuel 30:1-4. Discuss what has happened to David and his men as they returned home.  

  • Is there a time when you found strength in the Lord or are you in the middle of such a time?  

  • How has God’s love, goodness, etc shown up in your life during trials?  

  • In what ways have you lost sight of God? Where have you seen yourself struggle or waiver?  

  • In light these questions, how has your faith been affected?  

  • Consider this quote and spend time praying for one another. “Faith is looking at the darkest, blackest fact in the face without it damaging God’s character.”