Week of March 17th - Small Group Questions


SUNDAY’S MESSAGE: The Price of Faith   

PRIMARY TEXT: Joshua 5; Romans 2:25-29  

  • Recall David finding strength in the Lord? Have you found strength in the Lord this past week? Share with the group.  

  • Give the task of a small group member the task of refreshing the group by explaining to the group the process of circumcision, then giggle like middle schoolers as he squirms explaining it. (Just kidding…just trying to loosen up the mood. We can be so serious!)

  • Read Joshua 5:1-12. We pick up in the story as the Israelites have just crossed the Jordan River (miraculously) and are advancing into the Promised Land. This is a long-anticipated event, and they have erected some huge stones as a remembrance. Are we given a clear reason why the Lord commanded this act of circumcision?   

  • On the precipice of taking the Promised Land, these men were circumcised. Consider some of the emotions going through these men. How was this testing their faith?  

  • Does anyone have any questions or insights from this passage?  

  • In Romans 2, Paul talks about the act of circumcision. He uses it as a metaphor of circumcising the heart. Read Romans 2:28-29. What is a circumcision of the heart?  

  • In smaller groups (3-5 people), share what is one of the biggest obstacles, giants or challenges facing you. Or maybe you aren’t facing a big trial, but someone close to you is.  

  • In these same groups, identify and read 3-4 verses that strengthen your trust or faith in God. Take time to pray for each other. Discuss ways that you can support each other over the next few days.  

  • Write down how you are going to support one another. This is the church being the church.  

  • If time, consider doing communion as a group remembering what Jesus has done for us on our behalf and the trust we can have in Him at this very moment.