Week of March 31st - Small Group Questions


SUNDAY’S MESSAGE: Not that Kind of King

PRIMARY TEXT: Luke 19:35-42, Mark 1:14-15

  • Does anyone have an example of a relationship or a situation in the last few days where there were differing expectations?

  • Read Mark 1:14-15. What did Jesus mean by saying the time has come? What had come?

  • Many of us know this story well. As you read this passage, put yourself in the present moment. The crowd didn’t know what was going to unfold later in the week. Read Luke 19:35-42.

  • Do you know what kind of king the people of Jerusalem were looking for?

  • On Sunday, we heard a definition of the kingdom of God. Do you remember it? How would you describe the kingdom of God? How would you describe it to a middle or high school student?   

  • Besides coming to bring the kingdom of God, Jesus came to…

    · Demonstrate His Kingdom exists not thru the power to kill or destroy, but thru the power of sacrificial love, mercy and forgiveness,  

    · To bare our sins, to break the power of sin, and to offer grace, forgiveness, and freedom from sin and self-serving religion,

    · To usher in and empower his movement – the church – to begin their work of helping one another live in His Kingdom’s ways.  

  • Where in your life do you look for God to be a certain way? In five minutes of quiet reflection, when do you want a different king than who Jesus is and what he came for.

  • Consider the community you live in. What kind of kingdom does our community need? Think of our schools – athletics and fine arts departments, neighborhoods, retail stores, local business, city government. After your discussion, take time to pray that God’s Kingdom would be felt here.