Week of April 7th - Small Group Questions


PRIMARY TEXT: Matthew 26:6-13  

  • Have a couple of people describe the “Kingdom of God” from the previous week’s message. It’s an abstract idea and one difficult to understand. Recall or retrieve the message outline notes. Where did you see the kingdom of God displayed this week?  

  • Read Matthew 26:6-13. First notice the surrounding passages in Matthew. How does this give some context to the story?  

  • Since this story happens in the distant past and a distant culture, it can be hard to relate to this woman’s response. With that said, discuss possible motivations for her actions. Take into consideration, Jesus’ own response to her.  

  • Can you think of a time in your life when you witnessed an extravagance response to God?  

  • When has your breath been taken away upon realizing what God has done in your life? When have you been so moved or had such resolve to worship God because of what He did for or in front of you?  

  • Share as a group some more elaborate, intentional ways to respond to God. As you discuss, consider your personal daily worship (reading, prayer, serving) and corporate worship service on Sundays.  

  • Plan a small group time for a night set aside for solely worshiping God. Brainstorm some ideas and think out of the box.