Week of April 14th - Small Group Questions


PRIMARY TEXT: John 13:1-20  

  • We learn from each other. Students learn from teachers, athletes learn from coaches, children learn from parents. Where good or bad, we learn by example. Pick a person in your life who has influence with you. What are 1-2 things you’ve learned from them? Go around the group and have everyone share.  

  • With what you shared in the first question, did you learn more through their actions or their words?  

  • Read John 13:1-20. What clues do you get from the passage that Peter is not listening to Jesus? 

  • Can you relate to Jesus? You ask someone a question, and they don’t understand. Their own perspective and attitude is set like concrete, and they interpret the question through their lens without fully listening. They respond almost instinctually, defensively. Can you think of an example where this has happened in the last week? (Give a few seconds.) What is your response when you see that you are not getting your point across?  

  • Jesus says that He has given them an example, specifically and tangibly washing their feet. Consider the stories in the gospel. How do you think Jesus served the disciples over the three years of knowing them? List the ways.  

  • Although we haven’t had His physical presence, share with the group the ways Jesus has expresses love to you this past year? How has served/met you?  

  • There is a difference between serving out of obligation and as a response to Jesus. Talk about the difference.  

  • Share examples of others serving in your neighborhood/workplace, at your church, in your home? Take time to discuss each different setting. Talk about specific ways you’ve seen them look to serve rather than being served.  

  • As Jesus has loved and served you, has God put a specific person or a setting (ie. Work, school) in your mind to display that serving mindset?