Week of April 21st - Small Group Questions


Easter Sunday

PRIMARY TEXT: Luke 24:13-35 

Share a good memory from the past Easter weekend. 

For those at our Easter service on Sunday, you saw several people get baptized. They were asked if they have made a decision to trust in Jesus as their Savior and commit to follow Him as their King. What does that look like in your life right now? How are you following Him currently?   

Read Luke 24:13-35. What observations do you have about this passage? What part of this story intrigued you?  

Verse 27...”beginning with Moses and the all the Prophets, he explained to them all what was said in the scriptures about himself.” As a group, discuss what in the Old Testament described the coming of Jesus.  

We know very little about the Emmaus travelers. We do know that they were so impacted by their encounter with Jesus that they made the 7-mile trip back to Jerusalem to tell the disciples of their meeting with him. How has Jesus changed you? What personal characteristics are present in your life because of faith in Him?   

What fears, doubts, or questions has Jesus answered in your life in coming to faith or developing a deeper faith in Him?  

As a group, share some current fears, doubts, uncertainty and pray together as a group.