Week of April 28th - Small Group Questions

CURRENT SERIES: Mark: The Beginning of the Gospel  

PRIMARY TEXT: Mark 1:1  

  • What does the group know about the book of Mark? Who has read it before? Discuss.  

  • Does anyone have a Bible that contains some background or context? If available, read some of the background information about the author and themes of the book.  

  • Have a conversation about reading the book together whether that is on their own during the week or even as the group...maybe reading a chapter a time.  

  • Mark 1:1 says, “The beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” A translation of gospel is good news. Break up into groups of 2-3 and discuss. How do you describe this good news? As you discuss, consider a specific person in your life. How does that affect the way you tell the story?  

  • Take a few moments and pray for the people who you were thinking of in the previous question. Pray that God would show up in a way that they would see and understand the message. Since you have a relationship with this person, what do you think could be holding them back from receiving the message of good news? 

  • Mark’s audience was the Gentiles in Rome. Matthew’s audience was the Jews in Jerusalem. How can the audience change how the story is written?  

  • Talk about the different audiences, the different groups of people today who need to hear the good news. Ask God to burden your heart for a specific person or a group of people in your life. Would you be willing to move towards these people if God direct you to?