Week of May 5th - Small Group Questions


PRIMARY TEXT: Mark 1:2-3  - Prepare the Way

  • Do you recall the last time someone had to make an extra effort to get your attention? What were you doing at the time?  

  • Read Mark 1:2-3. Interesting illustration John uses. Look back to the reference John is making from Isaiah 40:3. Since this is a reference to Isaiah, it has special meaning to the Jewish people. Consider it’s meaning.  

  • Now consider the non-Jewish person reading this. One who doesn’t have the context of the Old Testament. What meaning can someone take from this...a voice of one calling in the desert? Picture this example.       

  • Day 2 of this week’s devotional reads, “This unusual figure, John, begins to proclaim a new King is coming, and the people should take notice and prepare themselves for His reign – for this new reality. In the US we elect a president in November, and they take office toward the end of January. We have real-time coverage of the election and the administrations transition into office. At the time this was written, when a new King took the throne, a proclamation would be made throughout the Kingdom. It was news as well as a call to the people to prepare themselves to live under the new King’s reign. This is the call of John the Baptist, to repent, to prepare for the new reality that is coming. What goes into your preparation to live in Jesus’ Kingdom’s ways?” 

  • What is your view of repentance? Is it easy for you to recognize? What does resistance to repentance look like in your life?  

  • If appropriate to share in the group, what is the last thing you’ve repented of? And what attitude or behavior did God call you into that looks more like Him? 

  • Discuss what the kingdom of God looks like in your life? What is He calling you to? Can you describe it?