Week of May 12th - Small Group Questions



PRIMARY TEXT: Mark 1:9-13 

  • Growing up, who is someone who routed you on? Who believed in you?  

  • Read Mark 1:9-13. What observations does the group have from these verses?  

  • What did the Father say to Jesus? Read it again. What kind of impact do those words have on a person who receives them?  

  • Take a moment. Read verse 11 out loud. Have some time of quiet reflection to pray. Consider playing a song from a phone or cd. Let these words sink in. If the group is comfortable, share responses with one another.

  • Read Romans 8:35,37-39. How do these verses change your outlook? What hope do they give you?  

  • Discuss as a group. Who in your life needs to hear some assurance that they are loved, respected or that you believe in them?  

  • Take Action: Put one of these verses on a note card to remind you. Or commit to memorizing it. Or commit to sharing this message with someone in your life. Discuss how you can encourage and support each other to follow through.