Week of May 19th - Small Group Questions


PRIMARY TEXT: Mark 1:12-13 

  • Share with the group a time when you feel like you crossed a finish line.  

  • Going back to the same examples that were shared, can you now view them as a milestone?  

  • Discuss the difference in mindset of a milestone vs. a finish line.  

  • Read Mark 1:9-11. We sometimes have the disadvantage of knowing what comes next in the story. What could have the temptation been for Jesus after His baptism?  

  • Read Mark 1:12-13. Who led Jesus into the desert? Have you felt like the Spirit lead you to a place where difficulty and suffering is what actually lay ahead?  

  • “Arrival Mode” can be very dangerous in life and in faith. Why is this? Share some scenarios or examples of situations where one can slip into arrival mode.  

  • What does “Arrival Mode” look like for a Christian?  

  • Read Matthew 4:1-10. What helped Jesus resist Satan’s temptations?  

  • What idea or thought do you take away from this discussion?  

This will be the last set of small group discussion questions until we resume in early September. If you would like tips on creating your own discussion questions, contact Patrick at patrick.hukriede@lscckc.org