Week of January 14th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: Living Different

This Sunday:  The Secret to Happiness       

Primary Text: Acts 20:35, I Timothy 6:17-19

  • Answer one of these questions: What is attractive or admirable about a generous person?  Or describe some qualities of a generous person.
  • Grab a journal, LSCC binder or just a piece of paper. Answer these questions individually by writing down your answers. (Leader, ask these questions separately and allow time for group members to write their answers down.)
    • Think about the last generous act you did. Who benefitted?
    • Specifically what were your generous actions?
    • When did this take place?
    • Reflect on the sacrifice. What is significant or minimal for you? Explain in a few sentences.
    • What barriers that tempted you from not being generous?
    • What impact did it have on you? On the recipient?
    • How did it reflect Jesus' heart or attitude? 
  • Did anyone discover something about God or themselves through this individual exercise? Take 3-4 minutes to share your learning. Allow all who want to share.
  • Is generosity a pattern in your life or an exception?
  • Read I Timothy 6:17-19. Put in your own words how one can “lay up treasures for themselves”?
  • Who is rich? Discuss as a group.
  • We are to put our hope in God rather than our money. Then Paul commands us to do good, to be generous, and willing to share. Take time as a group to pray about being generous in the coming days.
  • After prayer, give 2-3 minutes for group members to write down some specific ways in which they can be generous in the next two days. Not obligations to be generous but possibilities of how God might want to use them.