Week of January 7th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: Living Different

This Sunday:  Mirror, Mirror     

Primary Text: James 1:22-25, Matthew 7:24-27

  • Read James 1:22-25. How do people deceive themselves? In you speak of others, do it in general terms as not to belittle those you know.
  • What do you think James is referring to as the mirror?
  • Consider your strategy to “do” what the perfect law says. What habits or behaviors help you to follow through?
  • It is easy to deceive ourselves. Share with the group ways that you deceive yourself? Here’s a list if you get stuck…food, exercise, alcohol, shopping, finances, work, parenting.
  • To go from understanding wisdom to applying wisdom in our lives is a process, and it requires tools. The Bible is an obvious tool. How do you take in the Bible? (paperback, electronically, listening) Is there a place you read where you can “listen” best?
  • Besides the Bible, what tools (or people) are most helpful for you in taking action? Journal, paper calendar, phone reminders, Post-It notes, 3x5 cards, small group, spouse, friend, other….
  • Read Matthew 7:24-27. Considering your plan on “listening and doing” with God’s word. What have you put in your foundation that has helped you the most?
  • Where is your foundation shaky?
  • What is one step you can take to strengthen your foundation? Who can you share it with and follow up with?
  • Who has God put in your life to help/encourage/challenge to strengthen their foundation?