Week of April 22nd - Small Group Questions

Current Series: Reactions to the Resurrection    

This Sunday: Brokenness  

Primary Text: John 18:1-5, 15-18, 25-27, John 21, Matt. 27:3-10  

  • Discuss the message from Sunday. What is one point God stirred in you?
  • Read the passages in Matthew 26 and 27 that pertain to Judas. List his actions. Consider his motivations.
  • Read the passages in John 18 and 21 pertaining to Peter. List his actions. Consider his motivations.
  • What do we learn about human nature from these two men? What do we learn about brokenness?
  • We can list the reasons that can lead someone to brokenness. What are common thoughts, emotions and actions that can lead us to remain broken? …to jump away from Jesus?
  • How about the other direction. Jumping toward Jesus as Peter did led him to forgiveness and restoration. What do you think propelled Peter to move toward Jesus?
  • Read Matt. 5:3-10 and 2 Cor. 12:8-10. Jesus says there is beauty in our weakness, poverty and meekness. He says that those who embrace these qualities will receive his Kingdom. Read aloud Matt. 5:3-10 again. Spend time in prayer asking God to show up in our lives through these qualities. Share and confess where you seek to guard and protect yourselves from exposing these “weak” qualities. Pray with faith that God would bless each of you as you surrender yourselves to Him.