Week of April 29th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: Reactions to the Resurrection    

This Sunday: Comparison  

Primary Text: Luke 24:1-12, 24:36-41; John 20:29 and Matthew 5:4-7:27  

  • Discuss the message from Sunday. What is one point you remember from the message? 
  • Where were you when….talk about where you where and what your response was when a significant national (9/11, JFK shot, Challenger exploded, etc) event occurred? How did the event affect you?
  • Now consider an event where you were personally involved. Briefly share (1-2 minutes) of a significant personal event in your life. Go back around the room and describe how this event changed in one way.
  • Read Luke 24:13-35. Discuss how these men were affected by the news in Jerusalem of Jesus death.  
  • How did that event change for them after they encountered the risen Jesus?
  • Read Matthew 5:1-12. Instead of reading these as rules to follow, consider these verses as an invitation into the Kingdom. An invitation from Jesus to come and see – to follow Him. Have everyone pick out one verse that speaks to them. Share with the group.
  • Buddy up in the group. Write down each other’s verse and follow up sometime during the week. Has your buddy had an opportunity to practice this verse?
  • How has following Jesus increased your faith in Him?