Week of May 6th - Small Group Questions

May 6th

Current Series: Reactions to the Resurrection    

This Sunday: Senioritis

Primary Text: Acts 1:4-9

  • Discuss the message from Sunday. What is one point you remember?
  • Did you have “Senioritis” when you where in high school or college? Do you have a son or daughter, or someone else in your life who has caught the Senioritis bug?
  • Read Acts 1:4-9. Jesus told His disciples to wait for the gift of the Holy Spirit who will help them during the next season. What was the question from the disciples?
  • Did the disciples have an accurate picture of the future? Was it the same as Jesus’?
  • Briefly share a time when your picture of the future was not accurate. Life didn’t go how you planned.
  • In thinking about the future, we can get stuck in a current reality. This season doesn’t matter because I’m off to the next one. What are the dangers in this thinking? List 4-5.
  • In same sex groups of 3-4, answer these questions. Are you stuck in a current reality longing for a different future?
  • If you are, what is the danger for you?
  • What might be 2-3 lessons God may want to teach you in this season?
  • Pray for one another.