Week of May13th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: Mother’s Day     

This Sunday: This Time I will Praise Him

Primary Text: Genesis 29-30; I Samuel 1

  • Recall the message from two weeks ago on Senioritis. How does that message relate to the message Amy shared on Sunday?
  • Read Genesis 29:15-35; 30:19-20. Leah was stuck in a current reality searching for fulfillment in a future season. Her “future” fulfillment was children to achieve the love of a husband. Where are you stuck right now? What angst, frustration, disappointment or grief nags at you?
  • How long have you wrestled in this current reality?
  • How have you attempted to achieve peace or fulfillment?
  • What is your current attempt to achieve peace or fulfillment?
  • How do you know if your attempt is how God wants you to achieve peace/resolution?
  • Spend time in silent prayer for each other. Then pray out loud for one another. Seek to find rest and direction as you wait to find clarity.  In the midst of waiting, can you pray, “this time I will praise Him”?